What is a “headshot”?

Not every portrait is a headshot,
but every headshot is always a portrait.

Headshots are a special form of portrait photography that focuses on the face and the facial expression. Shot in a studio with controlled light, usually without flashy jewelry or makeup, this is all about personality and expression.

The Origin

Originating in the English-speaking world, especially in the entertainment industry such as film, theater and television, the headshot refers to a portrait photo that shows only the head and shoulders of the person. Actors, models and other artists use this type of portrait photo to showcase their looks and personality.

The headshot photographer

One of the most famous headshot photographers is American Peter Hurley. He has photographed numerous actors, celebrities and models and is considered one of the leading headshot photographers. Thankfully, he has passed on his knowledge and know-how in many workshops, books and lectures, and also founded the Headshot Crew.

In the area of headshot photography, he certainly influenced me as a portrait photographer. I’ve borrowed quite a bit from him – from his way of photographing and interacting with the subject – but my headshot photos certainly carry a slightly less American style. More my own.

Personality & Charisma

The professional headshot should depict your face clearly and authentically, often against a neutral (or matching) background. But above all, it should capture your personality and charisma in a portrait. That’s why nowadays headshot photos are also often used for job applications, acting castings or as a profile picture (info on a profile photo shoot here) on LinkedIn and social media – it definitely gives your appearance a professional look.

Let´s do it

So – do not worry – with me it’s all about first-class portrait photography that expresses you, your person, your charm. Do not think twice, let’s create together your own Headshots Berlin and show yourself from your best side!

Your Headshot
Headshot 14

Headshot? – A little anecdote

When I first encountered the term, I was playing a super exciting round of Counterstrike with friends. Do you remember? Counterstrike was one of the most popular and well-known computer games in the early 90s, one of the first first-person shooter games and the talk of the town at the time. At several LAN parties with friends – that’s right, we had to wire up tens of computers before we could play – and exactly this addictive game I got to know the term “headshot”.

But now we are not talking about the aimed shot into the head of a computer opponent, but about its photographic counterpart – without the hassle and the bad headache… ;-)

To your headshot photo shoot


What is a “headshot”?