Portraits in Berlin

Cheer up, camera on, time for a great new portrait!

A good portrait

... always something special!

You want to present yourself perfectly.
Show your personality.
Your portrait, your character!

In Kreuzberg, we take the picture of you that puts you in the perfect light.
For the job, the role you want.
For the confidence you need as an entrepreneur.

Uncomfortable in front of the camera?
Don’t worry, I know it.
Relaxed, positive atmosphere in which authentic recordings are created?
I’ll take care of that!

Your portrait photo – professional, real and special.

Take the next step.
Book your shoot.

Hi, I am Joerg

Enthusiastic people and portrait photographer in Berlin-Kreuzberg. With a professional photo session with me you get portrait pictures that show the image of you that you want to carry outward.

Whether you are looking for a job application photo, a new profile picture, headshot, business or actor portrait – they are portraits and that’s what I specialize in.

Let’s talk!

You are in the right spot, if

It's about your personality - no matter if it´s a
Portrait Application photo Headshot Profile picture Business portrait Personal Brand Actor portraits Employee portraits
And I do offer all of these portraits!

They are all portraits - only the focus is different in each case....

Modernes Bewerbungsbild von Katharina

Job application processes can be stressful, but your application photo doesn’t have to be.

I will help you create a professional image of yourself that shows your competence, personality and confidence.

Profilbild für LinkedIn

Your profile picture
Your business card on the Internet

Let’s make sure it looks really good and looks professional.

Corporate photography for companies and entrepreneurs – The face of your company is you!

Pictures of you – Show the world your unique self!
A special, an artistic portrait of you.

I’ll help you create a portrait that tells your story and helps you visually underscore your brand. Show the world who you are and what makes you special!

Your employees are the heart of your business – show them off to the world and connect with your customers.


Every headshot is a portrait, but not every portrait is a headshot. 

We focus purely on your face and expression for a powerful photo that captures you.

A portrait that captures your essence and makes you stand out from the crowd. Show the world your bandwidth, energy and creativity!


For special portraits,
Demanding and actors
160 incl. VAT
  • approx. 60 minutes
  • Outfit change
  • different backgrounds
  • 4 elaborated images
  • Private & Social Media
  • For sedcard and agency
  • Ideal for headshots, profile pictures &
    special portraits


Ideal as profile picture or
for the application
95 incl. VAT
  • approx. 30 minutes
  • 2 elaborated images
  • Private & Social Media
  • Ideal as a profile picture or application photo.


For solo self-employed, entrepreneurs
and the own web presence
210 plus VAT
  • good 60 minutes
  • Outfit change
  • 4 elaborated images
  • Private & Social Media
  • Commercial rights of use
  • Ideal for own website, solo self-employed and entrepreneurs

Give away a photoshoot

One of your friends or acquaintances needs a new profile picture, a really great portrait of him- or herself or just a really expressive headshot? – Yes!

Then, don’t hesitate. Give her or him a huge treat. Give a gift voucher for a 30 minute photo session (medium) in my studio worth 95 €uro. You will receive the voucher by eMail as PDF and by mail as printed card.

Gutschein Fotoshoot - jqp-HHGJ-23