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Personal branding photography

Company portraits are – in my opinion – business portraits of a company within your own four walls.

In your workshop, office, restaurant, wherever. In contrast to my business portraits, which are created in the studio.

The company portraits are therefore environmental portraits.

Unternehmensportrait - Serie für Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson
Personal Brand Photos for

Images that will Advertise

We use these images to tell stories about your business, e.g.

  • where you manufacture your products
  • how it looks with you
  • how the customer feels with you

Speaking of images on your website. I can recommend the article and insights of Zsu Szabo – a good friend and great photographer. Here´s her post: “Website Fotos: Teste, wie gut deine Bilder sind.”

Personal Brand Photos for
MS Informed

Show your brand

Social Media

… you want to show more content on your Insta account or LinkedIn profile to attract people.


… you want to have more pictures than just an About Me portrait.

…you need new, better images that promote you.


… you want to target your favorite customers with your personal branding photos.

Portraitfotograf Joerg C Jasper - jasper q photography

Why me?

Hi, I am Joerg,

I have been an enthusiastic photographer for a good 10 years.

I make it possible for you to relax with me because I am genuinely interested in what you are doing. We just chat, or you tell me, and you end up mentally immersed in your company. It creates a connection and a good atmosphere and you can see that in the pictures.

The photos are as if the viewer were there. He sees what it’s like in your company.

Do you need pictures like this?
Go on then…

Personal Brand Photography - Offers

The price for your photoshoot may vary depending on the brand, effort, location, etc. To give you a feel for the costs, I have roughly set out two variants here.


The first step towards your own visual brand
670 excl. VAT
  • Planning
  • 3-4 hour photoshoot
  • in Berlin and close surroundings
  • Change of Location & Outfit
  • 12 elaborated Images
  • Social Media, Website & Marketing
  • Unrestricted commercial rights of use


Extend your Brand
1.150 excl. VAT
  • Conversation & Planning
  • 2x 1/2 day Photosessions
  • In Berlin or close by
  • Change of Location & Outfit
  • 24 elaborated Images
  • Social Media, Website & Marketing
  • Unrestricted commercial rights of use

Personnel What?

Thoughts on
Personal Branding Photography

The term personal branding probably originated in the late 1990s. At that time, the Internet was picking up speed and social media was slowly gaining importance. And individuals – including you and me – suddenly had the opportunity to influence and shape our external image ourselves, to position ourselves as a “brand”. We remember the beginnings of facebook and Studi VZ.

Personal branding photography, however, is – in a way – as old as photography itself…. you could say. Portrait photography – just for example – has always played an important role in shaping the public perception of the subject. How do I present myself, how do I want to be seen, what impression do I want to convey?

But, the specific use of photography and a majority of images for storytelling, with the explicit goal of promoting your personal brand, is more of a modern phenomenon, closely linked to the development of the Internet, social media and today’s highly visual communication.

Interested in learning more about the topic? How to achieve success with personal brand photography? Learn what matters and what you should pay attention to. – Then read my blog article.

Successful personal brand photography!

Your photoshoot

A few words about what you can expect from a company portrait / personal branding photo shoot with me and what you can rely on.

A first conversation (or online meeting) to get to know each other, to discuss expectations and goals for your personal branding. In this conversation, I also am keen to learn a lot about you, your brand, your products, your target audience.

We discuss where and for what the images are to be used, what image material is needed….

After the requirements are clear – especially the number of different subjects and motifs – I create a corresponding shot list, locations and looks are also listed. Based on this, we plan our photo shoot(s) in terms of time and location, who should be there, what props, products, etc. are needed.

In this step, we implement what we have planned.

We will work in a relaxed, casual and friendly atmosphere. This allows honest and confident images to emerge. I will make sure that you feel safe and comfortable in front of the camera, and that your brand is presented honestly and convincingly.

After the photo shoot, I provide you with an online gallery with a pre-selection of the best shots. In a joint online meeting, we go through your pictures together and select the best shots.

I professionally post-process the selected images, paying attention to natural colors, pleasant retouching, good contrasts.

I also prepare the images optimally for use on the web.

You will receive the final processed image files as a download in the optimal format for the web, as well as high-resolution for print, both in color and in a black-and-white version.

Let's talk

Your Personal Branding Inquiry

Please fill in the form. Give me some initial information about you and your company.

What is your brand name, do you have a website – or Instagram account, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page?

I will take a look at everything and then contact you immediately.

Looking forward to our conversation.