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Your Portrait on your About Me PAGE

Your Image Portrait

on your Website

People buy from people.

So, do show yourself!

Your portrait is a must to gain trust,
and sympathy and to
with your photo.

The photo on the second-most important page

Your About Me (or Us) Page

Sets a Statement

You have gone to the trouble of getting a professional business portrait taken? That alone is already a strong statement about your dedication, passion and cleverness.

Business Portrait eines jungen Managers indischer Herkunft
Souveräne Frau, starkes Business Portrait

Speaks to your audience .

Show who you are, how you want your target group to perceive you. This way your portrait will make the right connections.

Creates Trust

Your business portrait shows you as friendly, open and approachable. This makes you look likeable and trustworthy.
Business Portrait Manager in schwarzweiß

Hi, I am Joerg,

After your photo session, you will have the business portrait that you need for your About Me page, your website and your advertising. I specialize in portraits.

Let’s take your portrait!

This is how we do it...

My Offer to Feelancers and Entrepreneurs


In the studio and/or outside in the street
210 excl. VAT
  • A good 60 minutes
  • Change of Outfits
  • Different backgrounds
  • 4 elaborated images
  • Private & Social Media
  • Unrestricted commercial rights of use
  • Ideal for your company website. Puts a face to your business.

Included are full, unrestricted usagerights for  private and social media, commercial use, and online and print publication by third parties.

Questions & Answers
about the photoshoot and process

A few quick words about what to expect on a photoshoot with me and what you can always count on.

I put together information on preparation, clothing and or makeup for you. You will receive them about 2 days before your photo shoot.

We chat, I listen, understand your brand and you better and better. Helps me a lot to take even better photos.

We discuss your style, your wishes, decide which outfit we want to start with and then move on to the photo session.

I’ll guide you through the whole shoot, giving tips and directing you into good “poses” unnoticed.

And I make sure that you feel comfortable in front of the camera, that you loosen up and relax. Works best with music. Let us hear your favorite playlist.

After the photo shoot I will provide you with an online gallery with a pre-selection of about 80-120 pictures. Here you can choose your best shots at your leisure.

If you wish, I can help you with the selection.

I professionally post-process the images you select, paying attention to natural colors, pleasant retouching, good contrasts and the ideal cut.

You will receive the finished business portraits in high resolution, both in color and black and white, and additionally optimized for use on the web.

And – of course – all rights of use are included without restriction.

Still have questions?
Just take a look at my FAQs.

Here I have tried to answer all the questions that I have come across over time.

You can view my general terms and conditions – especially for commissioned photography – here: AGBs

Business portrait in your surroundings? Environmental Portraits?

You want a portrait that show where you work?

Pictures that convey an atmosphere, allow a glimpse into your office, your store, your workshop, your restaurant?

No problem. I´ll come over to your place.
I call these a Company´s Portrait.