+Unique Portraits

Unique photos of you

A Special Artistic Striking Unusual Beautiful

Picture of you

Do you want to play with light?
To see how you look with strong shadows?

Then let’s create a photo with studio light.
A portrait that glows, accentuated with shadows.

We’ll take your great looks, 
really well placed light and 
reinforce everything with contrasts.

It's absolutely for you


… if you want to see your charisma – which sets you apart from others. Because I will see it.

Besonderes Portrait von Alma im Halbschatten
Mann im farbigen Licht zwischen blau und rot.


…if you maybe already have a picture idea in mind. Let´s implement them together. Playful, creative, unusual.


…if you want to capture the present moment. A picture that still shows years later where you once stood, that captures your memories.

Ein besonderes Portrait als eine Erinnerung
Portraitfotograf Joerg C Jasper - jasper q photography - in Aktion

Hello, I am Joerg

Why should you let me take your picture?


I’ll make sure that you feel comfortable and that it’s going to be a really good shoot.


Welcome! Let’s sit down and chat. You are here, now I want to find out more about you and your ideas. That way I can take better pictures.

How do you want your portrait to look in the end?
What expression are we looking for?
We look at your outfits,
choose the best one for the start and the look we are looking for.

Music for a photoshoot? Very much so. Your playlist or mine?

Let’s get started. I set the first light, check and we are ready to roll.

Not only will you end up with a special portrait, but the entire shoot itself was a great experience.

What are you waiting for? –Let us createyour image of you.

Your photoshoot

In the studio in Berlin. – Book your appointment at the studio. Leave me your mobile number so that we can talk briefly beforehand so that it will be a great photoshoot.


Your individual portrait shoot
160 incl. VAT
  • approx. 60 minutes
  • In the studio
  • Change of Outfits
  • Different backgrounds
  • Light setups
  • 2 motifs
  • 4 elaborated Portraits
  • Private & Social Media


More time, more motifs,
More outfits, more creativity
260 incl. VAT
  • approx. 120 minutes
  • In the studio
  • Change of Outfits
  • Different backgrounds
  • several lighting setups
  • 2-4 different motifs
  • 6 elaborated Images
  • Private & Social Media

Questions & Answers
Photo shoot & procedure

What to expect from a photo session and what you can rely on.

We talk on the phone, I listen and start to understand your ideas for your portraits. So I can prepare myself optimally for the photo session with you.

I’m looking forward to it.

I will send you some basic information on preparation, clothing and make-up, and general ideas for portrait photography.

It will be a great photo shoot in my studio. We have already chosen your best outfit and are starting with the first motif. I set up the light, do a quick check and off we go.

I give tips, accompany you through the individual shoots and get you into good “poses” unnoticed and relaxed.

Of course, music is a must.

You will receive access to your online gallery with a preselection of approx. 80-120 images from our photo shoot. Here you can choose your best shots at your leisure.

If you wish, I can help you with the selection.

I professionally edit the images you select, paying attention to the look we wanted to achieve. Dark circles or pimples disappear naturally.

You will receive the finished portraits in high resolution and also optimized for use on the web or on Instagram.

You already have a place in mind where you want to create your pictures.

Then be sure to send me your request. Fill out the form, give me some initial information and I’ll get back to you.

Let's talk

Your photo shoot request

Do give me some initial info:

Feel free to let me know anything interesting.

Alternatively, you can call me at +491792244539, send a WhatsApp or – a bit old-school – contact me via eMail at info@jasperq.photography. Anything goes!