+Application Photos

Stresses you out, doesn´t it?

Looking for a new job in Digital?

With your standing and your know-how, you will certainly have few problems finding a new job.

Have you even had several Zoom meetings with your new team? Your calls and interviews have probably gone really well so far – all that’s missing is a really good application photo.

Hi, I am Joerg

I am familiar with the requirements for such application photos, having been in the industry myself for some time.

As you will be working closely with customers and partners, …

By the way, you can also use it as your new profile picture in Zoom or on LinkedIn.

I’m pretty curious. You tell me about your new tasks, get relaxed and confident and then we take your new, professional application picture.

Great People & great Jobs

Headshots for your application

My offers


Ideal for a new application photo
95 incl. VAT
  • approx. 30 minutes
  • small outfit change
  • 2 elaborated images
  • Private & Social Media


More outfits, backgrounds, settings
160 incl. VAT
  • A good 60 minutes
  • Change of Outfits
  • Different backgrounds
  • 4 elaborated images
  • Private & Social Media
  • Ideal as a job application headshot
    & profile picture on LinkedIn

If you have any questions, just give me a call – +49 179 2244539 – or send me a WhatsApp.

Your application photoshoot

What you can expect and what you can rely on.

Before your appointment in the studio you will receive all the necessary information from me , so that you can prepare yourself optimally for your photo shoot.
Take a look at my blog and read the article Application photos – the why and how

Before the actual photo shoot we talk briefly. First of all, I’m interested in what job you want to apply for, what you’re currently doing, and anyway – are you a Berliner or a newcomer?

Together we will discuss your style, your expectations and decide which outfit we want to start with. Let’s go!

The photo shoot takes place in my studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg, where we can listen to your music.

By a small outfit change I mean, for example. with without jacket, tie, glasses, scarf…. Simply anything you can change quickly for a second look.

After the photo shoot I will provide you with an online gallery with a pre-selection of about 40-60 images. Here you can select your best shots from the comfort of your own home. If you want, you can also ask friends and acquaintances which picture of you they like best. 

Once you’ve made your choice, I’ll get to work on the pictures.

I professionally edit the pictures you select, paying attention to suitable colors, a slight retouching (e.g. removing a pimple or brightening the teeth a little), good contrasts and the ideal cut.

You will receive the final edited image files

  • in optimized format for uploading on the web
  • high resolution for print
  • both in color 
  • as well as in black and white.

Noch Fragen die offen sind? Schau einfach in meine FAQs, hier habe ich versucht, alle Fragen, die mir über die Zeit untergekommen sind, zu beantworten. Ab zu den FAQs.

Bewerbungsfoto in der IT und Digitalbranche