Application photos: Why and above all how!

Are you ready to make a great first impression? When it comes to job applications, your professional and social skills, your know-how and so on are undoubtedly absolutely important. But have you ever thought about the impact of your application photo? Believe me or not, a well-designed application photo can make all the difference and massively increase your chances of landing your dream job.

Why are application photos important?

Think of your application photo as a window to yourself and your professional world.

It’s the first thing your future employer, the HR manager, the recruiter sees of you, even before they check your qualifications or read your great cover letter. In just a few moments, this photo can convey a wealth of information about you. It says a lot about your expertise, your attention to detail. Do you seem likeable? Do you come across as authentic? Do you radiate professionalism and self-confidence?

This first visual impression of you often determines whether or not your application is viewed with a slightly more positive, inclined attitude. Yes, or no…

People, we are visual beings, and we form first impressions quickly – sometimes wrongly. That’s the way it is, there’s nothing you can do. However, your application photo is your chance to influence and control this first impression and make it positive for you.
This also means that you may need to have different application photos depending on the employer, their appearance and culture. Sometimes a little looser, sometimes a little stricter… depending on where you apply.

In a sea of CVs and cover letters, an eye-catching, simply really good application photo can help you stand out. It gives your application a personal touch, makes it more memorable and gives you an advantage over other applicants.

A top application photo also shows that you have approached the whole thing with a certain professionalism and show attention to detail. Have you ever thought about color-coordinating your clothing and background with your potential employer and their colors? This shows that it is important to you to show yourself in the best light and that you value details.

So, enough about the importance and significance of application photos. You may be wondering how you can best implement this now and get the best out of your image. Here are some tips and hints for your perfect application photo.

Your new application headshot
Bewerbungsfoto - jung dynamisch modern

Tips for making the most of your application photos:

Here are a few tips and thoughts on the application photo from me…

Old saying that my father used to tell me, but so true and important (experienced and demonstrated several times myself). So dress for success. In other words, choose your clothes carefully. Dress appropriately for the industry and position you are applying for and, above all, within the culture of the company. As a little extra, do you have anything in your closet that matches or goes well with the company’s color scheme? If so, do it!
But, and this is important, don’t disguise yourself. You also have to feel comfortable in these clothes yourself. If this is not the case, you can see and feel it.
Dress professionally and pay attention to details. Remember that your appearance should reflect the image you want to convey to potential employers.

Another saying, this time from photography. But also very valid for application pictures. Pay attention to the background of your photo. It should be a clean, uncluttered background that doesn’t distract from your presence. A simple, neutral-colored wall? TOP, fits!
Alternatively – if you decide to have a photo session outside, on location – a professional environment can work wonders to bring the focus back to you. For example, you apply for a job with a modern urban architect. Accordingly, you should have your portrait taken in the government district rather than in the Tiergarten. A good photographer achieves that the background recedes into the blur, but you can still see where you are.

Before you finally choose your application photo, get feedback from friends, family or mentors. Their objective opinions can provide valuable insight and help you choose the best photo to represent you professionally.
A small note on this. You will receive a link to a picdrop online gallery from me after our photo session. Here you will find a preselection – mostly more than 40 recordings of our session. You can share this link! Your friends and acquaintances can color-code their favorites and comment on pictures. This works really well and has already helped one or two people – and sometimes it was a different picture to the one they had chosen themselves. Exciting!

You always hear that you shouldn’t smile in application photos. I don’t know, but from experience: a genuine, natural and – yes – authentic smile can instantly brighten up your photo and make you appear approachable and friendly. I think it’s so important.
Your photographer is needed here too. He should be able to get you into a mood where you are simply relaxed and at ease. You might even start to enjoy the photography session… and then suddenly there it is, the charming, sympathetic smile around your eyes and mouth.

Avoid excessive jewelry, overly wacky hairstyles or other distractions. Your application photo should show you and not your great but eye-catching earrings, your new chunky watch or a daring outfit. Concentrate on yourself, your face, your posture and let your beauty and charm take center stage.

All three belong to the world of portrait photography. Although they have different focuses, they can often be used together. While the headshot tends to emphasize the face and personality of the person portrayed, an application photo is intended to convey professionalism to potential employers. Profile pictures, on the other hand, are optimized for social platforms such as LinkedIn and Xing – or Monster, Stepstone, Indeed – in order to convey a positive first impression. With this in mind, an application photo can almost always be used for professional networks. Or, during your photo session, simply let us know that you would also like a picture taken for your profile picture.

More precisely, invest in a professional application photo shoot, preferably with me. ;-) If not, fine, but find a good photographer, please. Although it may be tempting to take a quick selfie or ask your good friend with the great new Sony camera to take a photo, it really is worth investing in a professional photographer. Even if you don’t book with me, do it. We have simply built up the know-how and experience from numerous photo sessions to capture your best angles, the right lighting and the aesthetic appearance, to get you into a “flow”… and the result is a professional application photo that can make an impact.


    Ok, so far so good.

    Well, you’ve got the tips: Are you ready to make the most of your application photos? – Show off your smile, your professionalism and your unique personality. Be ready to attract attention and pave the way to your dream job!

    Let´s do it.

    Your new application headshot


    Application photos: Why and above all how!