Your perfect LinkedIn profile picture – How we do it in 4 steps!

First things first: Why is a good profile picture on LinkedIn so important?

LinkedIn is not a platform for funny cat pictures, photos from the beach or the last party.

LinkedIn is becoming increasingly important as a platform for networking, personal branding, acquisition and job hunting. According to statista, the number of LinkedIn members in German-speaking countries – DACH – was at an all-time high of 22 million in January 2024 (and around 3 million higher than the previous year).

In short: It’s all about business! About professional networking, your know-how and maybe even your new dream job. And there is currently no getting around LinkedIn.

Your LinkedIn profile picture should rock like you do

A strong LinkedIn profile picture not only signals seriousness, but also opens doors to new contacts and opportunities. Therefore, your portrait should not only be professional, but also really show you. We are visual people and a good image is memorable, creates trust and has recognition value.

The art of portrait photography for LinkedIn

Here are a few insights into how I would implement this with you.

1. authenticity and personality:

For me, it’s not just about pictures, it’s about you. Through casual conversation and curious questions – and I am genuinely interested – I bring your personality into the picture.

2. choice of outfit and individuality:

Choose an outfit that you would wear to work, to a meeting. But important: wear what you love! Your favorite outfit here is always the best. This will make you feel good and radiate self-confidence.

3. atmosphere and communication:

No stiff studio, but relaxed vibes and good music. Also, my questions will help you to relax and find the perfect expression for your role.

4. light and shadow:

With my deliberate play of light and shadow, we conjure up classically modern portraits. The right brightness, contours and the perfect background make all the difference.

…I was and still am very enthusiastic about all the pictures you created and what you can do with light, perspective and words.



Your LinkedIn profile picture is not just a photo, it is the first visual impression that a person has of you on this platform. Let’s make sure together that this impression is really good and sticks with the viewer.

Thank you for stopping by. Fancy a profile picture that not only looks good, but also really shows you? Let’s chat and make the camera glow!

See you soon,
the Joerg 📸✨

Dein LinkedIn Profilbild
Modernes LinkedIn Profilbild


Your perfect LinkedIn profile picture – How we do it in 4 steps!